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Travel in Georgia is one the best decisions you will ever make,because Georgia is an ancient country, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Europe, bounded with two seas from both sides. While your travel in Georgia, you will find a wonderful nature, culture, architecture, ancient cities, sea, mountains, and also most importantly a different type of Georgian hospitality. This is a country which speaks and writes with its ancient language and script. King Parnavaz created Georgian alphabet in the 3rd century BC and also it is one of the only 14 existing scripts in the world.

Georgia has many mountains in country. If you look at the map you will see there are lots of mountains, which is always decorated with snow, snow-white silvering   glaciers, and snow-capped big and small peaks of the greater Caucasus Mountains range, 10 of them are higher than the highest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc. Three-quarters of the country is occupied by mountains and you can relax there, have fun and get a pretty good adrenaline. If you are a climber you can conquer beautiful Mt. Ushba 4,700 m (15,420 ft) and Tetnuldi 4,858 m (15,938 ft), if you love the snow you can visit Mestia,Svaneti or  ski resort Gudauri.


We recommend you to visit the most wonderful cities of Georgia most of all: Kutaisi, Signaghi, Telavi, Zugdidi and Batumi with beautiful alleys and the most important, soft, tender Black Sea, which the ancient Greeks called Euxinia -hospitable sea. If you need healing send you should visit Ureki, magnetic sand will have good impact on you. You should visit unique region of Georgia, Svaneti which we call the 1000 Tower kingdom.

Don’t forget to visit museums in Tbilisi, Kakheti, Mestia, Akhaltsikhe. You will see amazing exhibitions and it will help you to get to know the history of Georgia as well. You should see the wonders – cave cities: Uplistsikhe, David gareji, Vardzia complex.

And yet the nation’s first honor of its kind is hospitable and peaceful people who will treat you with unique and world famous Georgian cuisine and wine.

Georgia – The country where we honor our guests. Nestled in the Caucasus Mountains – the crossroads of Europe and Asia; a travel adventure awaits you.

                       Travel In Georgia Narikala

The capital Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the world with its 1500 years history. It is in eastern Georgia, on both banks of River Mtkvari, 380-600 m from the sea level. The history of establishment Tbilisi predate is from 5th century and relates to Georgian king – Vakhtang Gorgasali. There is a legend about the foundation of the city according to the territory full of forest. During the hunting the hawk of Vakhtang Gorgasali attacked the pheasant and birds fell into the hot spring. Because of the healing properties of water and the favorable location of the place king built capital Tbilisi. “Tbilisi”-“Tbili” ( in English – warm) is called because of the mineral springs.

Over the centuries people of different nationalities and religions lived side by side in Tbilisi. Here you will meet with the Orthodox Church, synagogue, mosque and a Catholic cathedral. Also In our capital you will meet many ancient churches and historical places most of all: Abanotubani, Narikala, Metekhi, Anchisxati, Sioni, Sameba and etc.

Abanotubani – Is one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi and the name relates to the baths which stands on natural hot mineral waters. These baths had not only healing function but people were coming here for swimming, relax and fun.

Narikala – Is the 4th century oldest castle. It overlooks the city Tbilisi and aslo river Mtkvari. The fortress consists of two sections of the wall that is between the sulfur baths and the botanical garden.

Metekhi – Is historical district on the left bank of the river, it was the earliest settlement in the city. According to traditional belief on this place king Vakhtang I Gorgasali built church and the castle, which was also a king’s residence. Hence comes the name “Metekhi” that means “The area around the palace”.

Anchiskhati – Is the 6th century Christian church in Tbilisi. The church was called “Anchiskhati” in 18th century, when the icon of Christ was moved from the monastery of Anchi (Currently protected by the State Museum of Fine Arts). The history of Anchiskhati from building to 17th century is unknown.

Sameba – Cathedral church Sameba is the biggest Orthodox Church in the Transcaucasia that was built in 1995-2004. The temple consists of underground and above-ground parts. There is 5 Church in underground part and 4 in the above-ground. Its height is 86.10 meters.

The modern look of Tbilisi compares well with the ancient look of the city. Besides the ancient sights while travel in Georgia you will also meet modern architectural buildings. Restaurants, bars, cafes, verandas and casinos promise an unforgettable impressions to the lovers of active entertainment. Furthermore there is festivals For those who want to become familiar with the Georgian Art, folk and dance. From “Funicular” you have an opportunity to see the beautiful view of Tbilisi.

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